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Fauna and Flora

Beautifully positioned with a view of the Mzimayi River and the Indian Ocean, Anchors Aweigh is a veritable paradise. The lush, well maintained, tropical gardens are filled with indigenous trees and the calls of the majestic fish eagles, nesting at the river's edge, can be heard echoing over the valley.

Different bird species make their homes in Gaint-leafed Figs, Tassel Berries and the Coastal Golden Leaf that grow all over the resort, while Fairy Iris, Arums, Agapanthus and Bauhinias provide bright splashes of colour throughout the year.

We've put together a list of of the plants and trees you can find at Anchors which you can download here, or scroll down for a quick overview of our beautiful flora.


Agapanthus is a showy, widely grown plant with blue or white flowers that bloom from late spring until the beginning of autumn, depending on the species. These guys are not too fussy when it comes to where you plant them or how much water they need.

Arum Lillies

One of our most beautiful flowers, Arums come in a wide array of colours viz., white, green, pink, purple, yellow and orange. Also known as arum lily, pig lily, or trumpet lily because of its unique trumpet like flower. Easy to grow from a bulb or rhizome.


The lovely Pride of De Kaap or Bauhinia can be seen flowering with abundance all over Anchor’s. Prune the Bauhinia to form a tree or leave it to cascade over pergolas.


Coleus, a member of the mint family produces a kaleidoscope of colour with foliage in shades of fuchsia, burgundy, green, cream and red.


Weird and wonderful crotons are found all over Anchors. Renowned for their amazing colour combinations and strange leaf shapes they make for a vibrant accent plant.

Ice Cream Bush

This lovely little shrub also known as the snow bush is everpink/green or everwhite/green depending on where it’s been planted.

Large Wild Iris

Also known as the Fairy Iris, this clump forming perennial with long, dark green, sword-like leaves arranged in a fan grow beautifully in the dappled shade down Baracuda Street.


The Strelitzia reginae, or the Bird of Paradise, has spectacular orange and purple/blue flowers which resemble a bird’s head. Sunbirds love this plant which is Indigenous to South Africa.

Giant Leafed Fig

This majestic, giant leafed fig tree adds to that special magic of Anchor’s Aweigh. Bats, duikers and Vervet monkeys feed on the fruit and the twisted, gnarled trunk and huge glossy leaves are truly magnificent.

Turkey Berry

The Turkey Berry is a medium sized, tough and adaptable tree that bears small edible fruit. The fruit looks like a Bokdrol, or in English ‘Buck poo’ - I know it just doesn’t sound the same.

Invasive Plants

Invasiv Plants

Invasive plants out-compete, transform and overtake our beautiful indigenous species by challenging them for space, light, food, and water. To keep our resort as natural as possible we don't allow invasive plants. For a list of no-go plants please click here.