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What's Happening

Keen to find out if your unit's been painted, if the roof's been fixed and what the guys are up to? Each week we'll publish photos to show you what's happening at Anchor's. So come back often :-).


New security cameras have been installed and the main entrance is all neat and tidy.

Fire Hydrants

The fire hydrants are all being painted a bright red. You can't miss them.

Paint Job

The stairs have been built at the petting farm so no more slipping and sliding down the embankment. Shoo these guys are quick.

New Babies

Look all the new babies at the petting farm. That reminds me, if you;re going to be at Anchors during the school holidays join why don't you join us when we decor the animal enclosure and build a picnic area?

Clear pool

Is it just my imagination or is our pool getting bluer and bluer?


Some trees were cut down to prevent them from causing problems.

Rethatching Unit 47

The roof at Unit 47 has been fixed. She looks beautiful.

New roof for at Unit 42

The roof at Unit 42 and at Unit 55 have been fixed.